In some cases you may want to resize the window. You can resize the overall window, by dragging the frame. You can resize some of the view panes in the application by dragging an edge in the direction you want to extend or reduce the pane.

Model Building

Please note, model building has been disabled for the current distribution (01/01/2011).

Model authoring tools may be made available at a later point in time.

Technical Issues and Known Bugs

If you are having technical difficulties, please make sure you are running the correct version of java. See the technical info page for more details.

There is an unidentified memory leak in the program that we believe scales with the number of models opened. Please be aware that after some time you may see degraded computer performance if you leave the application open. Closing the application will free the memory up, at which time you can restart the application. (02/23/2011)