Useful Publications

The links below provide publications that users of DANE 2.0 may find useful

Swaroop Vattam, Bryan Wiltgen, Michael Helms, Ashok Goel & Jeannette Yen. DANE: Fostering Creativity in and through Biologically Inspired Design. In Proc. First International Conference on Design Creativity, Kobe, Japan, November 2010, pp. 127-132.

Swaroop S. Vattam, Ashok K. Goel, Spencer Rugaber, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Rebecca Jordan, Steven Gray & Suparna Sinha. Understanding Complex Natural Systems by Articulating Structure-Behavior-Function Models. Educational Technology & Society, Special Issue on Creative Design, 14(1): 66-81, February 2011.

Ashok Goel, Spencer Rugaber & Swaroop Vattam. Structure, Behavior & Function of Complex Systems: The Structure-Behavior-Function Modeling Language. International Journal of AI in Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, Special Issue on Developing and Using Engineering Ontologies, 23: 23-35, 2009. [pdf]