Download and Run DANE 2.0

DANE 2.0 is a client/server application. A small client application is required on the users end, while the data and most of the heavy lifting is accomplished on the server side. In order to download and run the application, just click on the RUN DANE button to the left. This button will always provide you with the most updated version. Note: you must have always an active internet connection to run DANE.

Biologically Inspired Design Class

No class in session until Fall 2011. The current release is for general public viewing.

Other Users

DANE 2.0 is currently available in limited release, browse only mode.


DANE 2.0 requires at least Java Version 6.0 and an internet connection. If you do not meet these requirements, you made need to update your system. Please see the help guidelines listed below, if you are unsure if your system meets these requirements.

DANE will operate with Windows XP and Windows Vista, MAC OSX 10.5 or greater, and Ubuntu Linux 9.04. It will not work on MAC OSX prior to 10.5.

If you meet the listed requirements, please click on the DANE 2.0 link to the left to download and use the software. The application should automatically begin after a minute or so.

Th database of DANE 2.0 runs off a server hosted in Atlanta. You will require an active internet connection to access the data in and use DANE 2.0.

Useful Links


Help Guidelines

As issues arise, we will update the FAQ page.

If the application does not run, and you have looked through the appropriate FAQ, please contact one of the authors listed on the contact page. We will try to respond when we have some time.